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Regent's Park 2005

7th July to 27th October 2005

During the summer of 2005, Regent's Park, the 'jewel in the crown' of the Royal Parks, hosted an exhibition of David Shilling's sculptures.

"Regent's Parks has always seemed to me like the heart of London, I was born and lived most of my life within a ten minute walk of the park, so this exhibition was particularly close to my heart."

Many of the works were created specially for this exhibition in aluminium and steel, suggesting lifeforms, not necessarily human, exotic, elegant, and glamourous, without gender, and inspired by all the life of the park, its visitors on foot, by air, and plant-life.

The fabulous, sinuous, monumental sculptures were installed across the park, redefining and accenting the landscape, dancing across the terrain, tempting the onlooker to rethink conventional perspectives and forms.

Daring to approach metals like any other material of his experience, Shilling makes virtually indestructible steel appear as flimsy as chiffon, appearing to float in the air, as ephemeral as any other material normally associated with him.

Regents Park - Peace Sculpture
Regents Park - Freedom Sculpture