MetalDavid Shilling is involved in all the parts of the process of making his sculptures, unlike many sculptors. From his sketches he first makes models and then maquettes to scale. He makes all finished pieces under six foot tall himself. He has the assistance of his team of experts and has created pieces in excess of ten metres long.Method

If you want to commission David he may discuss the suitability of a number of models and he prefers to visit the proposed location, so he can assess special factors such as the climate and changes of light and season. He may then discuss landscaping with architects, gardeners and landscapers where that is appropriate.

He will always make sure the construction comes within the local bye-laws.

Although the sculptures are normally site specific and made on commission, they are always made so they can be removed to another location in due course, Lighting is a very important part of the installation and plans for it are incorporated in the work at the earliest stage. Recently David has been making pieces which are intended for smaller gardens, or to be displayed inside, maybe on a table or mantelpiece, or on their own plinths. These smaller works are definitely not maquettes or in any way scaled down but again David may visit the client to discuss the display of his work.